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Södra announces architecture competition for tennis centre of the future

Södra, Välle Broar, The Centre for Wood Construction and Housing (CBBT) and Martinsons invite entries for an open architecture competition to design a new concept tennis centre.

“The competition programme aims to attract entries that demonstrate what contemporary architecture and the latest timber construction technology can achieve in a resource friendly, energy efficient and sustainable way,” said Peter Nilsson President of Södra Timber.


Former world number one Stefan Edberg and ex-Davis Cup coach Carl-Axel Hageskog are enthusiastic supporters of the project.

“We have looked at what the centre should include and based this on meeting the needs of a medium sized town with a population of 25,000. The club has about 400 members and three or four courts would probably be about right. The question is what concept would best suit a club like this,” said Hageskog.

“We hope the competition will play a part in the continued development of timber as a construction material. The sports facility is intended to be a modern concept that can demonstrate the suitability of timber as the construction material of the future, for larger buildings such as multisports centres, for example,” said Nilsson.

The competition will be judged by a panel made up of Stefan Edberg, Carl-Axel Hageskog, Växjö University, Erland Ullstad, former Växjö city architect, Hans Andrén, Välle Broar, Thomas Sandell, SandellSandberg, Natasha Racki, Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff, Eva Nygren, Sweco Sweden, Leif Brodén, President and CEO Södra, Lars-Eric Åström, Chairman of the Board of Södra and Peter Nilsson, President Södra Timber.

“We hope to be able to announce a winning project that offers an attractive and practical centre for both the social and coaching sides of tennis. And one which exploits the qualities of timber to deliver a high quality and rational solution that lends itself to series production for other venues,” added Nilsson.

The design competition, which runs from 13 May to 14 September, is international and open to all entries. Prize money of SEK 300,000 is available to the winners.

Documents related to the competition
- Programme 2009-05-13
- Detailed plans for Välludden 1 etc Teleborg , Växjö (in Swedish)
- Detaljplan för Välludden 1 m fl Teleborg i Växjö
- Sketch illustrations plan 02 (in Swedish))
- Illustrations plan part 1 (in Swedish)
- Illustrations plan part 2 (in Swedish)
- Map of site dwg-format (in Swedish)

All documents are available to download from Södra’s website:

For further information please contact:
Peter Nilsson, President Södra Timber, +46 70 315 09 2
Magnus Berg, Director of Members Södra, +46 70 528 94 83
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